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Grandparents' Rights

      Many times, Grandparents are the most important people in a child's life.  If parents are unable to provide the care their children need, the grandparents or other relatives should be entitled to care for or visit the children.  Unfortunately, the system does not always recognize the rights of grandparents and relatives, unless they have aggressive and knowledgeable representation in court.

The law states that that grandparents have rights to placement and involvement in their grandchildren's lives.  If, however, a grandparent does not assert these rights quickly enough, they may be lost forever. 

Attorney Theresa G. Klein
has been successfully protecting grandparents' rights for more than twenty years.  As the only Certified Child Welfare Law Expert in the county, she understands the complexities of juvenile court, and can assist you in asserting your rights, for the sake of your grandchildren.

If you have a grandchild or other young relative who is being cared for by strangers, you should immediately seek legal advice regarding what you can do to assert your rights.

You may be entitled to special "de facto parent" status and court ordered placement or visitation.  If you fail to act, however, you could lose these important rights.  Call now for a free consultation!  

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