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Foster Parents' Rights

If you are a foster parent, you may find yourself caring for children whom you naturally grow to love. Yet as you know, foster parents, who are tasked with the daily care of a foster child, are given very little information about the child. 

Social Workers are tasked under the law to reunify a child with his or her parents. They carry heavy caseloads, and as their budgets dwindle, they may not give your foster child the type of attention he or she needs.

As a foster family, you see your child on a daily basis.   A foster family is in the unique position to learn what their child's special needs are, through doctor's appointments, therapy, and school contacts.  Many times the foster family observes visitation between their child and the parent, and has concerns that go unreported.  Is the child anxious to see his mother or father?  Is he frightened or reluctant to visit?  How did your foster child sleep after having a visit with her mother?  Does your foster child confide in you about what life was like when he or she lived with her parent? 

You may tell the social worker your concerns, but how do you know if that information is going to be reported to the court?  Will the social worker ignore your concerns?  Should you call your foster child's attorney and pass your concerns on to that attorney?  Are you entitled to special status as a "de facto parent"?   Attorney Theresa G. Klein is an experienced Juvenile Court attorney and Child Welfare Law Specialist who can answer these questions for you. She can ensure that your voice is heard, and your foster child is protected.

The social worker is responsible for writing reports to the court about the progress a parent is making.  The report discusses what is being done to address the issues that brought the children into Juvenile Court.  Yet the Social Worker may not have all of the information about the child.  As foster parents, you have unique information that may be very important for the court.

Many times the future of a foster child is uncertain.  Court can seem intimidating and confusing, and the foster family is not always told what is happening.  A case can seem to drag on for much longer than it should, with little regard for what impact this delay has on the child.   What can you as a foster parent do to ensure that you have a voice for this child?  How can you as a foster parent protect this child who is placed with you?

Attorney Theresa Klein has been assisting foster parents for more than twenty years.  Juvenile Law is very complex, and there are many different interests at stake.  Unless you as a foster family come forward and assert your rights, you  will not be heard in court. 

Attorney Theresa Klein is the only Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist in San Luis Obispo County.  She has the expertise and experience you need for your rights to be protected and asserted.  She can assure that you are permitted to attend court and be heard.  She will aggressively pursue your interests, and the best interest of your foster child.   Please call for a consultation or email your question to Theresa at

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