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Child Protective Services

When children are removed from their homes, and placed in a foster home or other unfamiliar environment, the effect on the family can be devastating.  There is much, however, that can be done to reunite the family quickly.  Theresa Klein is the most experienced attorney in San Luis Obispo County in matters involving Child Welfare Services.  She is the only attorney in the county certified by both the State of California Bar Association and the National Association of Child Counsel as an expert in the field of Child Welfare Law.

In Juvenile matters where children are separated from their parents, it is imperative that no time be wasted.  The law, in many instances, will allow the parents only six months to address the issues that brought Child Protective Services into their lives.  In many cases, if the parents do not have their children returned within six months, the children can be facing adoption, perhaps by strangers.

Grandparents and other relatives have rights that should be asserted immediately, or they can be lost forever. In many cases they can be designated "de facto parents", which gives them special status in Juvenile Court.

There is much that can be done to save families who are going through the juvenile court system after their children were removed from them.  Please call Theresa Klein for a consultation, and ensure that your family's rights are protected.

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