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Theresa G. Klein, Attorney at Law, is the ONLY
Certified Child Welfare Law Specialist
in San Luis Obispo County

When you or you loved one becomes involved with the Juvenile Court, you need to have the best legal representation possible.  In San Luis Obispo County the attorney you need is Theresa G. Klein.  Attorney Klein was selected by The California State Bar Association and the National Association of Child Counsel  to be one of the first 50 attorneys in the entire United States to receive special certification as a Child Welfare Law Specialist. She continues to hold that special expertise certification today.  Theresa Klein is committed to helping you or your child receive the best possible result in Juvenile Court.

The Juvenile Court laws are very complex.  There are special rules, time deadlines and laws in Juvenile Court. The Welfare and Institutions Code, which applies in Juvenile cases, makes clear that special training is important for attorneys who practice in Juvenile Court. If the attorney in Juvenile Court is not specially trained, he or she may miss critical deadlines which could result in devastating consequences, such as loss of parental rights, loss of grandparent rights, or life long criminal records that are unable to be sealed.

Foster parents and grandparents have rights as well, and are oftentimes ignored by Social Workers and the Department of Social Services.  Attorney Theresa Klein can help your voice be heard, and your rights be asserted, before it's too late. 

If you or your child is involved in Juvenile Court through the intervention of Child Welfare Services, or is facing criminal charges, you need the best representation possible. 

If you are caring for a foster child or a grandchild, and would like to be a voice for them, call Attorney Theresa G. Klein for a free telephone consultation or send an email with your questions and contact information to

If you are a relative of a child who is in foster care, you may be losing important rights if you fail to act quickly.

Ms. Klein has extensive experience, having successfully practiced in Juvenile Court for more than twenty years.  She has additional local experience as a Deputy District Attorney for San Luis Obispo County.  A veteran of the US Air Force, she has practiced in Federal Court as a Special Assistant to the United States Attorney. In addition to her current practice she also sits as an Administrative Law Judge for the State of California.  Theresa Klein has been helping clients get the representation they deserve for over twenty years.

You and your child deserve The Best

Call now for a free telephone consultation or,
e-mail your questions and contact information to: 
 (805) 543-0333

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